Mack Attack vs The Influence 08/23/14

Mack Attack vs The New Hoodz RWA Legacy 7

Mack Attack vs I.M.O.H RWA Dynasty

Mack Attack & Kris Pyro vs The Stacked Deck RWA 11/09/13

Trainee #1 vs Devin Blaze RWA 10/30/13

Mack Attack vs The Stacked Deck RWA 08/24/13

Mack Attack vs Lenn Oddity & Tom Billington RWA Legacy VI

Mack Attack vs JT Dunn & Mike Graca NWW:Extreme 05/16/13

Mack Attack vs The Student Body RWA 04/06/13

Monster Mack vs Kris Pyro vs Davey Cash RWA 02/09/13

Mack Attack vs M1nute Men SPW 12/28/12

Mack Attack vs Da Hoodz WCW 06/30/12

Mack Attack vs D.U.I WCW 11/19/11

Monster Mack vs Eric Atlas IWE 09-21-10

Trainee #1 vs “Egomaniac” Johnny Idol IWE 09-21-10


2 Responses to Wrestling

  1. Mike says:

    Oh shit son!

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